Great and Affordable Kitchen Makeover Ideas

The kitchen is the room we spend much of our time in, and with the high volume of traffic, it doesn’t take long before we notice a slow degradation, which signals it is time for a makeover. Before you start thinking about ripping out the cabinets and looking at new appliances, a kitchen revamp doesn’t have to break the bank, and with some subtle changes, one can brighten up even the dullest kitchen.

Glass Splashbacks

Modern splashback solutions allow for glass to be used, and this creates a window, adding a new dimension of light into the room. There are online suppliers of bespoke glass splashbacks in Perth, WA, and there is a choice of glass types, each having its own specific light range. Sourcing the right company means they will take care of every stage in the process, from the initial survey to the final inspection, and with many years of hands-on experience designing and installing glass items in the home, you can rest assured of a first class job.

Interior Blinds

These are a very effective way to control the light and seclusion in the kitchen and are especially practical if you have large windows with strong, direct sunlight. There are many different styles and forms, so you can be sure to find something appropriate, and with the supplier’s expert advice, you might even surprise yourself.


The lighting is a major part of the overall ambience, and with modern, LED units, there is a wide range of hues and colours, and with low input and high output, your bills will be reduced. Strip lighting is effective when attached to the top or bottom of a kitchen cabinet, and it is ideal for task lighting. A row of spots attached to either the wall or ceiling complements the contemporary kitchen and if you have an island, consider a pendant unit that hangs directly above and can be raised or lowered.

A Coat of Paint

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room, and by choosing a bright colour, the kitchen will take on a new look. A local painting contractor wouldn’t charge a lot, especially if you prepared everything in advance and all he had to do was apply the new paint.

Breakfast Bar

Ideal for narrow kitchens, this is an inexpensive way to remove that ugly table and actually increase the seating capacity, and with the right fittings for hanging glasses and other items, the bar will be a sophisticated addition to any kitchen.

Change the Worktop Surfaces

The worktop surfaces endure a heavy daily routine and replacing them with perhaps granite or marble tops will surely add a touch of elegance. Made to measure sections can be easily fitted, giving you a hardwearing surface that is easy to clean.

A brighter kitchen equals a happy family, and by following the above advice, you can improve the look of your kitchen without having to take out a loan.

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