How to Build the Perfect Patio

If you’ve just moved into your brand new home and all you have outside is a mass of dirt, now is the time to think about garden design. Of course, you simply must have a terraced area and ideally, this would be connected to the side or the rear of the house, with sliding patio doors at the entrance. Patio design and construction is not that difficult, and if you have even a basic level of gardening skills, you won’t have a problem, providing you have all the tools and materials, of course.

The Base

You will need a fairly firm base for a patio, as there will be times when 30 or 40 people are walking around, and with constant wear and tear, a solid foundation is essential. Typically, that would involve digging down approximately 12 inches and filling the bottom two thirds with hard core or aggregate, and then the liquid concrete can be poured in. If the area is large, you might want to add some steel reinforcement mesh, and this should be in position before the concrete pour.

The Surface

You can choose between concrete, which can be scribed or stamped for effect, or perhaps natural stone pavers, which offer a range of colours and patterns, which really adds character to the terrace. Timber decking is also attractive and there are composite materials that are maintenance free and with a timber grained finish, you have the look of hardwood without the maintenance.

Fencing and Gating

Ideally, you would have boxed fencing, with suitable gating, and there are companies online that will come in and design the perfect patio fencing. If, for example, a homeowner wanted aluminium screens in Perth, there are reputable suppliers who can also install the fencing to the highest standards. There are many colours to choose from, and slat fencing allows you a level of visibility, which is essential. The company would offer a choice of slat sizes and by selecting a suitable gap, you can create the ideal balance between seclusion and visibility.


Your terraced area will require shading, and with modern awnings that are retractable, one can create the perfect shading. The al fresco dining experience can be enhanced with a range of bright colours and patterns, and using the best fabric, your awnings will not fade or be affected by the weather in any way. You might prefer a fixed awning, and with screening on one side, you can avoid that strong wind when it arrives. It isn’t difficult to design roll up blinds that can turn your patio into a room, making it usable all year round, and with motorised solutions, opening and closing is effortless, and once the awning is fully closed, the mechanism is enclosed in a slim line frame.

The patio area is an integral part of the living space, especially in the hot summer months, when we most appreciate having that al fresco dining area, and with a little investment in the right garden furniture, your patio area is ready to use.

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