Make Your Kitchen Activities Interesting with Creative Kitchen Cabinet Colors

One of the most common challenges faced by homeowners opting for remodeling their kitchen is to choose the color of the cabinets. The colors should create a statement as well as complement the décor of your kitchen. Some cabinet colors are most commonly associated with particular design styles while the wood you choose for your cabinets will also determine color, to some extent. But man-made materials used for modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets can be painted with the color of your choice.


  1. Use natural wood for color and grain

In the case of a particular type of kitchen like country or rustic style kitchen, you might want to use the natural color and grain of a particular wood. For instance, you might have a country kitchen that has the distinctive look of natural oak. So, you can use this wood for your kitchen cabinet to match the colors of other kitchen furniture like table and chairs. If your budget is on the higher side, you can also use natural cherry, walnut, mahogany, pine to add their distinctive color and grain to your kitchen cabinet. Use maple or ash for less grain and color. One of the advantages of using wooden kitchen cabinets is that the cabinet colors can be stained to match the colors of other darker woods.

  1. Use color according to the style of the kitchen cabinet

Sometimes the style and the design of the kitchen cabinet determine its color. For instance, rich dark woods, like cherry or mahogany are used to give a dark hue and an antique look to a traditional kitchen. The cabinets are then polished for a distinct shine. Natural woods are often used for country style kitchen cabinets to give them a warm and welcoming hue. Maple, birch, and cherry are often used for contemporary kitchens. These light woods provide neutral tones that beautifully match with the sleek designs of modern cabinets.

  1. Use painted wood

You can also choose to paint your wooden cabinets for a different look and finish. Any wood can also be painted especially with no strong grain. Now paint your cabinet depending on the style and décor of your kitchen. The most commonly used colors are white, black and ivory.

  1. White and black cabinets

White and black are the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinet is used to make the kitchen look light and bright. Black cabinets are used for contrast particularly with stainless steel appliances or white appliances. A black accent piece or area in a kitchen can be very striking in many kitchens especially the ones with contemporary style.

  1. Use decorative and contrasting colors

In any kitchen, an accent of another color can enliven your kitchen décor. Keep the basic kitchen style in mind and use your imagination to combine contrasting colors in cabinets and kitchen furniture. Introduce decorations to highlight any kitchen cabinet colors. These might include a few glass doors or open shelving units or beveled edges and corners. Combine decorations and colors to create a unique kitchen cabinet design. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, the same color or contrasting color style kitchen, just make sure that your principal kitchen storage item beautifully blends with the theme of the kitchen.

With imagination, creativity, as well as a sense of style, you can choose the perfect kitchen cabinet colors to create a personalized and spectacular kitchen. Keep the basic rule in mind that light cabinet colors can add a cooling effect to your kitchen while dark wood cabinet colors and dark accents can add warmth to your kitchen. Make sure to analyze the size of your eating area before deciding on the color of your cabinet. So visit your local kitchen cabinet wholesaler and get the right one for your home.

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